Bell Ringers

8/26:  How can you use summarization in other classes?

8/25:  Define Hemisphere

8/22:  Have materials out and silently study for quiz.

8/21:  Define assessment objective 1

8/20:  What are the 5 themes of Geography

8/19:  Describe latitude and longitude

8/18:  What happened at Lexington Concord?

8/15:  define latitude and longitude

8/14:  Explain the difference between cultural and physical characteristics.

8/13:  Define 2 types of location.

8/12:  List free reforms of Prince Henry.

8/11:  Tell me all about your weekend.

8/8:  Define a primary source.

8/7:  List the 5 themes of Geography.

8/6:  Name the 7 continents.

8/5:  What will be your biggest challenge this year?

8/4:  Keep materials with you and sit silently for attendance.

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