Bell Ringers

12/9:  Describe the battle of Lexington, who what where when…

12/8:  Name the 5 themes of Geography

12/5:  Have out course pack to turn in and be studying for your quiz.

12/4:  List 5 different states and their capitals.

12/3:  List 5 states and their capitals

12/2:  Define the War Production Board

12/1:  Of all your years, what was your favorite Thanksgiving and why?

11/24:  What are the 3 expectations in a dot point summary?

11/21:  Have course pack ready to turn in.  Study silently for your quiz.

11/20:  List 3 facts from your notes.

11/19:  What directions do latitude and longitude measure?

11/18: Describe the Battle of Pearl Harbor.  Use your course pack if needed.

11/17:  Write 1 fact for each of the 3 branches of government.

11/14:  Who were the big 3 dictators in Europe during WWII?

11/13:  What is your favorite part about WWII?

11/12:  What have you found interesting from the video so far?

11/11:  No School

11/10:  How can you thank a veteran tomorrow?

11/7:  Name 3 facts about the court system from your notes.

11/6:  Name 3 powers of the house.

11/5:  Name 3 powers of the Senate

11/4:  Name 3 of the joint powers of Congress

11/3:  What did you do for Halloween?

10/31:  Silently begin working on your electoral college simulations that are due today.

10/30:  Describe the electoral college system.

10/29:  How successful was your Mix it up Day yesterday?

10/28:  MIX IT UP DAY

10/27:  What are the requirements to become president?

10/24:  Who is next in line if the President dies?  Who is third?

10/23:  Share 1 interesting fact from your puzzles

10/22:  What makes a country a country?

10/21:  What does the executive branch establish?

10/20:  What was your favorite part about fall break?

Bellringer Worksheet

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