Bell Ringers

5/19: Be quiet when the bell rings or no field day.

5/14:  Draw the business cycle.

5/13: What are three types of money?

5/12: Tell me about your weekend?

5/5-5/9: Take everything off your desk except for a pencil.  We will be Stanford 10 testing in class all week.

5/1: Name all types of money.

4/30:  Which economic structure do you think is the best?  Why?

4/29: Write three facts from your notes yesterday.

4/28: Write a haiku (line structure is 5-7-5)

4/24: How did you celebrate Earth Day?

4/23:  What do you know about economics?

4/22: Draw an accurate compass.

4/21: On a separate sheet of paper, write your 1/2 page plan on how you’re going to stay successful throughout the end of the school year.

4/17:  AIMS testing, no BR

4/16:  Work silently on your map project, last day.

4/15:  AIMS testing, no BR

4/14: Work silently on your map project.

4/10:  AIMS testing, no BR

4/9:  Are you confident in your testing skills?  Why or why not?

4/8:  AIMS testing, no BR

4/7: Define latitude and longitude

4/3: What is the best Walt Disney animated feature film?

4/2: What is your favorite brand name slogan? (ex: Nationwide is on your side)

4/1: Work silently with your partner(s)

3/31: Who was the best president of the Cold War and why?

3/28: What are your plans for this weekend??

3/27: How have you been preparing for your quiz?

3/26:  Summarize your short story from yesterday, 2-3 sentences.

3/25:  Define metaphor

3/24:  Tell me about your weekend

3/31:  Define environmentalism

3/20: Why did Nixon resign?

3/19: What do good readers do often?

3/18: Why did Nixon win big at his election?

3/17: Find any seat and take out a sheet of paper.


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